Oct 252011

Aside from having a great name, these guys really brought the street down yesterday at Sunday Streets. No HTTP transports could execute GET to http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos/amBk2LfiVJw?v=2&key=AI39si5uUzupiQW9bpzGqZRrhvqF3vBgRqL-I_28G1zWozmdNJlskzMDQEhpZ-l2RqGf_6CNWooL96oJZRrqKo-eJ9QO_QppMg

May 112011

Another cool catch from Sunday Streets. Love their version of Ring of Fire. These guys were parked on a sidewalk on Valencia Street between 20th and 21st. Featuring some nice crowd shots, including a little girl chasing bubbles. No HTTP transports could execute GET to http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos/vCIoAL2152k?v=2&key=AI39si5uUzupiQW9bpzGqZRrhvqF3vBgRqL-I_28G1zWozmdNJlskzMDQEhpZ-l2RqGf_6CNWooL96oJZRrqKo-eJ9QO_QppMg

May 102011

Here’s another great musical discovery from this week’s Sunday Streets. The band’s name is Con Brio (meaning with spirit, or with vigor), and they were the perfectly spirited match for a spirited event. People of all ages and backgrounds in the streets, on wheels and on foot, taking in the groovy, funky and sometimes raunchy sounds. I’d apologize for the sometimes gusty crackles if they didn’t actually match the mood. This song is called Ghostrider, dig deeper

May 102011
Random Acts of Music

Walking down 24th Street yesterday on the occasion of Sunday Streets I found myself stopped in my tracks by some crisp acoustic guitar music coming from up above. Notice the lack of cars. No HTTP transports could execute GET to http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos/gu0qly3rd_k?v=2&key=AI39si5uUzupiQW9bpzGqZRrhvqF3vBgRqL-I_28G1zWozmdNJlskzMDQEhpZ-l2RqGf_6CNWooL96oJZRrqKo-eJ9QO_QppMg Here are a couple of photos for a better view…